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HyPoint Solutions is a pioneering company that revolutionizes transportation safety by collecting precise measurement data on vehicles and highway infrastructure. Leveraging state-of-the-art LIDAR sensors and cameras, HyPoint Solutions specializes in the accurate real-time identification and measurement of vehicles traveling at highway speeds.

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Flagship products


Revolutionizing Oversized Vehicle Detection

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Hawkscan is a pioneering system at the forefront of oversized vehicle identification and data analytics for enhanced road safety. Combining advanced LiDAR sensors with precision cameras, Hawkscan dynamically calculates the 3D dimensions of vehicles in motion at posted speeds. Hawkscan serves as a valuable tool for state troopers, aiding in identifying vehicles that may exceed regulatory size limits and warranting additional scrutiny.


Overheight Warning and Traffic Monitoring

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Advanced Overheight Warning

Falcon, an innovative solution from HyPoint Solutions, redefines overheight warning systems by seamlessly integrating LIDAR technology with high-resolution cameras. Tailored for scanning multiple lanes, Falcon operates at posted speeds to identify oversized vehicles and deliver crucial warnings to divert them from structures with low clearances.

Enhanced Traffic Monitoring

Beyond overheight warnings, Falcon provides additional value by offering critical traffic monitoring data. It identifies and classifies various vehicle types while capturing real-time speed information for every passing vehicle.

Other HyPoint products

Product image for Bridge collision notification system

Bridge collision notification system

Accelerometer sensors and cameras are mounted on bridges to detect and record the impact from collisions or ”scrapes.” A bridge impact would transmit a notification message to the client to initiate an on-site investigation. The software logs the impact time, location, and images.

Product image for Bridge clearance measurements

Bridge clearance measurements

HyPoint has access to a nationwide database of mobile LIDAR that is updated yearly on all State DOT maintained roads. The software analyzes the point cloud from mobile LIDAR data and automatically extracts the vertical and horizontal clearance measurements.

Product image for Overweight vehicle detection

Overweight vehicle detection

Sensors and cameras are mounted on bridges that detect and record the movement of overweight vehicles for the bridge rating. An overweight measurement would trigger images saved and logged with a time stamp. WiFi/ Cellular connection to transmit notification message gets sent to the client to initiate an on-site investigation.

Product image for Portable LiDAR-based vehicle detection and warning

Portable LiDAR-based vehicle detection and warning

The Vehicle Identification System represents a technological leap in safety and traffic management, employing state-of-the-art LIDAR and camera technology. This system significantly enhances safety protocols by accurately detecting vehicles navigating restricted routes.

The innovative setup involves mounting the system on a lightweight trailer, equipped with a LIDAR sensor, high-resolution camera, edge device, and local cellular Wi-Fi connection. A key design feature includes a collapsible pole securing critical components, allowing for easy transportation and efficient deployment.

Beyond its core function of providing vehicle warnings, the system delivers valuable traffic monitoring data.

Consulting services

HyPoint Solutions offers tailored consulting services to develop custom solutions for remote sensing, ensuring that clients’ specific needs are met with precision and effectiveness.

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